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Floor Model English Wheeling Machines

Item #: WEB 45-26EWF 
WEB 45-26EWF
Innovative upper adjuster for easier use & better precision.

Includes tripod mount bolt on legs - 1/4" steel construction.

Upper wheel is heat treated to 52 Rockwell C.

Modular lower tool arm allows the owner to build special tool arms to meet specific or unusual shaping requirements.

Versatile lower yoke adjusts side to side, fore & aft.

Included anvils provide various profiles from flat to very tight.

26" Floor Model 45-26EWF: A superb smaller machine, very stable and solid.

Wheeling Machine, 8"x 2" Hoosier Pattern Upper Wheel & Six 3" x 2" Hoosier Pattern Anvils

35" Floor Model 45-35EWF:  Includes new quick release & dovetail adjuster which
provides very smooth action with no movement.  Axle is quickly removed for changing wheel configurations.

Wheeling Machine, 9” x 4” Upper Wheel & Six 3” x 3” Anvils In
Various Profiles
SKU Number CAPACITY WEIGHT Price Quantity Add to Cart
45-26EWF 14 Gauge 350 lbs (159 kgs)
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45-35EWF 14 Gauge 850 lbs (386 kgs)
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