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USATCO Combo-Blind Rivet, Bolt & Nut Installation Tool Kit

Item #: WEB D-9000-MIL-2 
WEB D-9000-MIL-2
Ideal For Field Maintenance, Modification & Industrial Sheet Metal Applications.

This kit provides hand mechanical, hand hydraulic, air hydraulic & cordless blind riveters all in one convenient carrying case.

Installs all CherryMAX thru 1/4" and most blind bolts thru 3/16".

This versatile 78 PC kit has been approved for use in Army's Standard Automotive Tool Set ("SATS") and is currently being used by all U.S. Military service branches.

Installs single action aerospace blind rivets thru 3/16" O.S. diameter and industrial blind rivets thru 1/4" diameter. Pull-up studs and driving anvils for UNC, installation of blind rivet nuts and inserts from 6-32 thru 3/8"-16 and 5 thru 10 mm. The kit also includes special right angle, offset and extended straight pulling heads for all CherryMax, Huck and Allmax blind rivets (M7885/NAS9300) in sizes thru 3/16" oversize, as well as an adapter for use with the MS20600 series self-plugging and NAS1400A rivet side straight, offset, and right angle pulling heads (not included in this kit) for sizes 3/32" thru 3/16" diameter. The kit also includes the pull-up studs and driving anvils used in conjunction with the hand hydraulic combination riveter/nutsetter, which allows tion of blind nuts (NAS1329/30, MS27130/31) and AVK, TSN and Nutsert style inserts.
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D-9000-MIL-2 19-1/4" x 14-3/4" x 4-5/8" 28.5 lbs (12.9 kgs)